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    New Demands and Dynamics of Official Development Assistance/SSC on Asian Developing Countries in Covid-19

    November 11 (15:00 – 16:30)

    The Covid-19 global pandemic not only threatens public health and safety, but presents social, political, and economic challenges with restrictions of mobility and civic/commercial activity. For developing countries, with larger populations, fewer resources, and existing public health crises and multifaceted development challenges, managing and recovering from this crisis will be tough. There are increasing demands for international development to assist in addressing the short-term and long-term effects caused by Covid-19 on developing economies. The first session of AADC 2020 will discuss Asian recipient partners’ challenges and growing demands for aid and investment to respond to the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19. The session will assess these needs against the current and future official development assistance and south cooperation from donor/partners. The session will provide better understanding of the Asian recipient countries’ policy responses and development plans and help providers to effectively adjust their strategies and programs. The discussion includes:

    • What are the challenges of Asian developing countries caused by the Covid-19 outbreaks? Which policy responses and development plans do Asian developing countries have for recovery from Covid-19 socially and economically?
    • How have donors/providers changed their aid/cooperation strategies and programs in Asian countries? What support can be provided to address short-term and long-term effects on Asian developing economies?
    • What is the current status of cooperation cooperation among Asian donors/SSC providers to respond to the Covid-19 crisis? How can donors/providers collectively provide support for better impacts?
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    Asian Non-state Actor’s Growing Roles in Response to Covid-19

    November 12 (15:00 – 16:30

    Asian non-state actors are critical to development cooperation and have played a significant role in the Covid-19 crisis. These actors, including grassroots NGOs and local firms, responded with agility to those in need, providing much needed social safety nets during the pandemic. However, Covid-19 poses challenges to NGOs and corporations including travel restrictions, limited financial resources, and additional costs for staff safety. The second session of AADC 2020 will discuss the roles of Asian non-state actors, including NGOs and businesses, during the Covid-19 crisis. The session aims to identify the challenges and opportunities for greater cooperation among and across Asian NGOs and businesses during and after crises. The session will also examine the implications for broader Asian development cooperation involving non-state actors. The discussion includes:

    • Roles NGOs and business can play to prevent, fight, and recover from Covid-19: What are the respective strengths of NGOs and business in dealing with the global pandemic?
    • Challenges Asian aid/development NGOs and Asian multinational companies operating in Asian developing countries face in the Covid-19 era and the impacts on people, society, and nations. What are the implications on development cooperation arising from these challenges?
    • Opportunities when non-state actors collaborate to address Covid-19: How have Asian NGOs and corporations worked together in addressing Covid-19? How can we encourage and strengthen partnerships between international and local NGOs? How can public-private partnerships leverage more effective responses to Covid-19?
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    Asia’s Multilateralism Beyond Covid-19

    November 13 (15:00 – 16:30)

    The Covid-19 crisis has revealed the extent of global interdependence and the increased the importance of multilateral action. Addressing the social, economic, and political challenges exacerbated by the crisis demands an urgent and robust multilateral system which can leverage resources, accelerate policy responses, and mobilize political support. Covid-19 has tested the multilateral system which mediocre outcomes. The third session of AADC 2020 will focus on Asia’s current and future multilateralism. This session extracts lessons for regional and multilateral cooperation from the pandemic experience and charts a way forward. The discussion includes:

    • Has the existing multilateral system effectively responded to the Covid-19 and its longstanding socio-economic effects? What would a new/improved multilateral model in development cooperation look like and what type of collective efforts are required to prepare for post-Covid-19 resilience?
    • How can Asian regional institutions such as ASEAN and SAARC help the fragile countries in Asia to address the Covid-19 pandemic? How have they responded to the immediate health threats and prepared for economic and social recovery? What are the implications for their future roles?
    • How can different development actors/stakeholders such as multilateral banks, private sector, and civil society can make a strong and coordinated multilateral response to accelerate support for developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region?


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